Elcometer 7000 Digital Moisture Meters price in Bangladesh


Elcometer 7000 Digital Moisture Meters
The Elcometer 7000 range offers accurate and easy to use moisture measurement.


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The Elcometer 7000 range offers accurate and easy to use moisture measurement.
Available in two versions, the Concrete Moisture Meter has a non-invasive probe that emits a radio frequency to penetrate the surface to detect moisture. Ideal for rapid surveys of solid wall, floors and ceramic tiles.

The Digital Moisture Meter has two pin probes that allows the gauge to be pressed on to a surface and take a measurement of the immediate area and also has a non-invasive probe on the back of the gauge for moisture detection.

Calibrated ready for use
Instant readings on a clear, easy to read scale
Fully portable, battery operated and non-destructive

Types of Moisture Meters

On porous materials such as concrete, plaster, brick, wood, the moisture content of the substrate should be measured, as the presence of moisture within a material will result in poor adhesion, premature coating failure and poor appearance.

It is not sufficient to simply ensure that the surface is dry as often the surface of the substrate is the driest point – due to evaporation. It is important to establish the moisture content within the substrate itself.

When powder coating wooden panels, for example, if the wood (or mdf) has too high a moisture content, as the panel passes through the oven, the moisture is heated, generating steam – causing significant coating finish issues.

Applying a coating to a concrete floor which is too damp can cause premature adhesion failure. Moisture meters have been developed to specifically determine the level of moisture in a substrate and come in two forms:

Pin-type moisture meters: Invasive pins are pushed firmly into the surface of the substrate being measured and by measuring the electrical resistance between the pin electrodes provide the percentage moisture content (%MC) in the substrate.

Pinless, contact-type moisture meters: Whilst pinless meters typically measure moisture content faster and are non-destructive they do require a relatively flat surface because the sensors are mounted on the base of the gauge making them ideal for concrete.


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